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If You Were Injured In A Car Accident That Wasn’t Your Fault, You’re In The Right Place

Injuries resulting from car accidents are stressful and life-altering. If you were injured in a car accident that was someone else’s fault, you’ve come to the right place. Russell Accident Law has a reputation as the go-to law firm for people injured in car accidents.

“What Should I Do Immediately After A Car Accident?”

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, get contact information for the driver and passengers of the other vehicle(s), and any witnesses of the accident. You should also get information on the vehicle(s) involved in the collision and take pictures of the accident scene. Contact the police if you were injured or damage to your vehicle exceeds $2000. After dealing with the immediate aftermath of the accident, contact an experienced car accident lawyer about your unique situation. Russell Accident Law offers free initial consultations and you can reach us at (709) 579-4000.

“Should I Talk To The Other Driver’s Insurance Adjuster And Sign Their Forms?”

Do not speak with the other driver’s insurance adjuster or sign their forms without getting legal advice first. If the insurance adjuster calls, say you’ll be happy to speak to them after you speak with a lawyer.

“People Are Saying That My Injury Is Small…”

Small is a relative term. What seems like a small injury to someone else may make a big difference to you.

In fact, we think it’s the little things in life that have the biggest impact, like hosting family dinner, attending a fitness class with friends, and playing with the kids. When a car accident takes those things away, it’s life-changing. Suddenly, you can’t take a turkey out of the oven. You can’t go to the gym. You can’t lift your child.

At Russell Accident Law, we’re real people just like you, so we understand the value of little things. We have real skills, which means we know how to build strong cases and negotiate with insurance companies. Not to mention, we get real results. We have a track-record of getting fair compensation for clients.

No matter the size of your injury, you deserve to understand your legal options.

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